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Key Concepts

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Key Concepts


A template page for what a Key Comncept page might lool like can be found here: template for Key Concepts.


A suggested Taxonomy

(Submitted by: Jerry Davis)


Managing within the organization

  • Work/labor process/ employment relation
  • Compensation/HR practices
  • Cognition and decision making
  • Knowledge management
  • Leadership

Organization-level phenomena

  • Strategy
  • Boards/governance
  • Top management teams
  • Design/structure
  • Performance/effectiveness
  • Vertical integration/outsourcing
  • Organizational change
  • Learning, memory, routines
  • Adaptation/evolution
  • Culture

Beyond the organization

  • Alliances/interorganizational ties
  • Industry
  • Ecology
  • Organizational fields
  • Geography/industrial districts
  • Political economy/state
  • Comparative/international
  • Globalization

Constructs and relationships

  • Institutions
  • Networks
  • Social capital/ communities of practice
  • Conflict/cooperation/trust
  • Morality/corruption
  • Innovation/creativity
  • Power/politics
  • Identity/image
  • Status
  • Legitimacy

Mechanisms and processes

  • Competition
  • Markets
  • Stratification/inequality
  • Evolution
  • Creationism
  • Technology
  • Diffusion
  • Institutionalization and de-institutionalization



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