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Organizational Change and Redesign

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Organizational Change and Redesign

Submitted by: George Huber, University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business



Section: Organizational Analysis and Design



Burke, Identifying the Drivers of Organizational Performance in Your Company

Table 1: "The Major Attributes and Processes of Organic and Mechanistic Organizations"

Mintzberg, Organization Design: Fashion or Fit


Allentown Materials Corporation: The Electronic Products Division (A)


Section: Drivers of Organizational Change



"The Future Environments of Business Organizations," Chapter 2, The Necessary Nature of Future Fims

"Organizational Learning and Knowledge Acquisitions," Chapter 5 in The Necessary Nature of Future Firms

Greiner, Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow (and "Managing Organizational Change.")


McKinsey and Company: Managing Knowldege and Learning

Chatman, et al., Cisco Systems: Developing a Human Capital Strategy


Section: Motivating Performance: Incentives and Feedback - Part 1



Kerr, On the Folly of Rewarding 'A' While Hoping for 'B'

Pfeffer, Six Dangerous Myths about Pay

Bartol & Locke, Incentives and Motivation


Nordstrom: Dissention in the Ranks

Southwest Airlines: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage (A)


Section: Managing Your Boss & Compensation Systems for Professionals



Gabarro, Managing Your Boss


Brainard, Bennis, and Farrell


Section: Motivating Performance: Incentives and Feedback - Part 2 & Leading and Embedding Organizational Decision Processes



Latham & Locke, Goal Setting - A Motivational Technique That Works

"Organizational Decision Making," Ch. 4 in The Necessary Nature of Future Firms


Cypress Simconductor (A) & (B): Visions, Values, and Killer Software

Chattanooga Ice Cream


Section: Managing Change by Managing with Power



Pfeffer, Understanding Power in Organizations

Kotter, Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Beer & Nohria, Cracking the Code of Change


Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, Vision 2000


Section: Managing Performance and Behavior by Managing Culture


Culture as Social Control: Corporations, Cults, and Commitment

Burke, Plane Talk about Change: How Lord Colin Marshall Transformed British Airways


Siebel Systems: Culture As a Pillar of Success

Changing the Culture at British Airways


Section: Tactics for Initiating Change/Innovation



The "EIS Simulation"

Change Management: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap


Section: More on Managing Change: Dealing with Inertia, Goal Setting, Performance Feedback, Ethics and Corruption



Cunducting a Performance Appraisal Interview

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