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The Rise of the Networked Society

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The Rise of the Networked Society


Submitted by: Jordi Comas

Suggested Texts:

Castells, Manuel, editor. 2005. The network society : a cross-cultural perspective. Edward Elgar Publishers.

Watts, D. 2004. Six Degrees. W. W. Norton & Company.

Gibson, W. 2005. Pattern Recognition. Berkeley.



Building a Network Perspective I

Six Degrees Ch 1-5


Building a Network Perspective II

Six Degrees Ch 6-10


Viewing Globalization

Watch Part 2 and 3 of Commanding Heights.


Network Society and Globalization I

The Net Society Ch 1 “Informationalism, networks, and the network society: a theoretical blueprint.”

“Production” Ch 2 from Manuel Castells. Barney, Jay. (ERes)

The Net Society Ch 8 “Time, Space, and Technology Flows in Financial Networks.”

The Network Society Ch 2 “Institutional Models of the Network Society: Silicon Valley and Finland.”


OPTIONAL: The Network Society Ch 6 “Why Information Should Influence Productivity.” Good for those interested in technology and economics.

OPTIONAL : As The Future Catches You: How Genomics and Other Forces are Changing Your Life, Work, Health and Wealth. Enriquez, Juan. See me if you want to look at this. A very accessible, innovatively designed book.


Network Society and Globalization II

The Net Society

Ch 3,4,5


Technology and Communication I

☼ Essay 1 Due

The Net Society Ch 9 “Network Sociability on-line and off-line.”

The Net Society Ch 17 “Television, the Internet, and the Construction of Identity”

The Net Society Ch 19 “The Hacker Ethic as the Culture of the Information Age.”


Optional: The Net Society Ch 10 “Social Structure, Cultural Identity, and Personal Autonomy in the practice of the Internet: The Network Society in Catalonia.”


Technology and Communication II

The Net Society Ch 11, 12, 14


Living the Net Society

Pattern Recognition

OPTIONAL: Never Eat Alone And Other Secrets to Success One Relationship at a Time. Ferrazzi, Keith. (ERes for some chapters, Traditional Reserves for book).


Living the Net Society

Pattern Recognition


Network Organizations I

☼ Essay 2 Due in Class

“The Economics of Social Production” Ch 4 From The Wealth of Networks. By Benkler, Yoagchim. (ERes0.

“The Network Organization in Theory and Practice” by Baker, Wyane. In Networks and Organizations edited by Nohria and Eccles. (ERes)

“Strategic Alliances in Commercial Biotechnology.” By Barley, Stephen; Freeman, John

And Ralph Hybels. In Networks and Organizations edited by Nohria and Eccles. (ERes)

“Social Capital of Structural Holes” Ch 1 form Brokerage and Closure by Burt, Ron. (ERes) Internal networks…


Network Organizations II

“Unlikely Rebels” Ch 1 from Gurus, Hired Guns, and Warm Bodies. Barely, Stephen and Kunda, Gideon. (ERes)

“Practical Guide to Social Networks.” Cross, Rob; Lietdka, Jeanne; Weiss, Leigh. Harvard Business Review. (ERes)

“Lovable Fools and Competent Jerks” Casciaro and Lobo. Harvard Business Review (ERes)

“Across The Great Divide” Ch 2 from The Hidden Power of Social Networks. Cross, Rob (ERes)

“Knowing what We Know” Ch 3, from The Hidden Power of Social Networks. Cross, Rob (ERes)


Power, Protest, Resistance, Terror





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